Jessica Sacher

Jessica Sacher
is a PhD student in Dr. Christine Szymanski’s Microbial Glycobiology lab at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where she has been since 2010 or 2012, depending on when you want to start counting. She was mostly raised in Alberta and so has, most unexcitingly, not ventured too far away from home, but you’d be right if you guessed that Edmonton must just be THAT lovely. As part of the “Phage Group” of the Szymanski lab, Jessica studies the interactions between bacteriophages and bacterial sugars during the phage infection process, where her experiments involve trying to clone genes into Campylobacter and staring into electron microscopes, mostly. When she is not sciencing, she enjoys friendly discussions on linguistic issues such as whether phage should be pluralized with an ‘s’ or not, and will happily talk about horses for hours on end. She thoroughly enjoys science communication (the idea of it, especially, but also the practice of it, when she has time), is slightly addicted to enthusiastically saying yes to extracurricular activities, and fervently hopes to find some time to do some research in the coming years in the spaces between these things.


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