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DuPont Nutrition & Health is a USD 4.7 billion global business and one of the world’s largest producers of specialty food ingredients, developing and manufacturing solutions for the global food & beverage, nutrition and pharma market. With more than 8,500 employees, 50+ manufacturing sites and 20+ R&D centres across the world, N&H is on a mission to make food safer, more sustainable, better tasting and more nutritious.
N&H is part of DowDuPont, a globally listed company, which came to life following the merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont in 2017. DowDuPont has a turnover of approximately $62 billion, employs around 98,000 FTEs and is headquartered in Wilmington, USA.  The Upstream Culture Development group is part of the R&D Department of its Culture Development and Food Protection Division. The group is strongly involved in knowledge development and is responsible for selecting strains of microorganisms to be used in the design of starter cultures for dairy and other fermentation industries.

The group, which is based in France (86), is seeking a Phage Scientist

Job description

As part of the Upstream Culture Development group, the candidate will be responsible for implementing and building up scientific and technical expertise in the field of lactic acid bacteria bacteriophages, particularly on the resistance mechanisms of their hosts. He/she will have to apply that expertise to recommend proper industrial use of starter cultures and to participate to the development of new starter cultures. That activity will be conducted in the frame of innovation and development projects with the help of a team of technicians.
Beside innovation and development projects, the candidate will also have a role of Phage Technical Service (PTS) coordinator and become the main contact for the activity in the DuPont Culture division. He/she will supervise the activities of the local PTS lab and coordinate methods, logistics, lab activities & results of the worldwide PTS network. These activities include supervision of internal and external reporting (internal: application Specialists, sales forces, business – external: customers), the maintenance and the updating of a common database, the organization of internal and external phage audit in factories.

The Phage Scientist will report to the Upstream Culture Development manager.

Job Qualifications

Educational and professional background
The candidate will ideally have a Ph.D degree in the field of Microbiology and previous experience with bacteriophages. He/she will have practical experience acquired through previous industrial or academic professional experience.
The candidate will have an excellent understanding of the scientific and technical aspects of bacteria/phage interactions as well as a practical expertise in a lab, and plant environment.
Preferably, this expertise would have been applied in the field of lactic acid bacteria cultures.

The candidate will have a scientific mind, good organizational skills and a strong background in Microbiology. He/she is expected to have a strong knowledge in Bacteriology and in Virology. In addition, he/she will have to be technically skilled in Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, and possibly in Bioinformatics, Genomics, …
A dynamic attitude, team spirit and flexibility will also be necessary for a good integration in the group and for being able to interact with other R&D groups and with other DuPont departments. The position being located in France and DuPont being an international company, the candidate will have to be fluent in English. French is an advantage.

CDI / Long Term Contract.
Application deadline is August 16th, 2018.
For information you might contact Jean-Marc Ladriere, Senior Scientist Group Manager,



About DowDuPont

DowDuPont (NYSE: DWDP) is a holding company comprised of The Dow Chemical Company and DuPont with the intent to form strong, independent, publicly traded companies in agriculture, materials science and specialty products sectors that will lead their respective industries through productive, science-based innovation to meet the needs of customers and help solve global challenges. For more information, please visit us at

The positions represented by this job posting are aligned to one of the three divisions, Agriculture, Materials Science or Specialty Products, which are expected to separate from DowDuPont into stand-alone public companies. Information on the division alignment will be provided during the recruitment process.


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